Little Big City 2 Hack: Diamond and Money Cheats

Gameloft now as the developer of an android and iOS game called Little Big City just moving on to the new Little Big City 2. Before talking about Little Big City 2 Hack, let me explain you about the latest update. The first Little Big City is classified as a casual game and rated for 12+ but we see something new about the latest update of Little Big City 2, it is rated for 3+ that’s mean you don’t have to worry if your kid playing this game. Little Big City 2 with the latest version 1.0.9 just already got one million installations from unique devices around the world. It requires a 4.0 and up Android version to run this game. Even the Little Big City 2 present you with better graphics than his ancestor the game size is a bit too small for awesome town building game. With 4.4 out of 5 stars average reviews from more than 27.000 players, this addictive game worth to play.

In the game, we can transform our very own tropical island into a bustling metropolis beyond your imagination! This is top-notch city management simulation, be an architect of your town. Work with the Mayor and his quirky cohorts to build your city into the best metropolis city. This is still the best sim city clone game ever!

Little Big City 2 Hack, Diamond and Money Generator

Little Big City 2 Hack

Tired of waiting the goods production time that takes too long? Don’t have enough resources to buy expansions and upgrade for bigger storage? then today we will impress you with our little Big City 2 Hack and tips to get more diamond and money instantly. diamond and money are important to upgrade storage, upgrade building, buy expansions and a lot more. The main problem is, goods production is too long many players have protested about it to Gameloft. So, with our generator, you can generate instant money and diamond generator without waiting too long.

Last update:

January 18, 2018

Little Big City 2 Hack

Just with few clicks or tap, diamond and money are ready to be sent to your account within 1-2 minutes. Then how? Open the generator and make sure it’s from GameHackSpecialist (click on ‘Hack it Now’ button above), write down your google play store email or apple store email. Set a number of money and diamond and click generate. Let the magic happens!

How to:

  1. Open the Little Big City 2 generator tool above
  2. Type your Play Store or App Store email
  3. Select the amount of diamond and money, choose it wisely!
  4. Hit generate button
  5. Follow some instructions in the generator
  6. Done

With high-level anonymity proxy that automatically sets by the tool, we 100% guarantee the secure of our hacking activities. No ban protection. No download required because it is an online-based hack tool, so if some of you who doesn’t have a computer can use it directly from your smartphone. So, no more download little big city 2 hack from other website cause it might be infected by malware or virus, just use ours!


Little Big City 2 Game Review

Increasing the population and growing the city is your main job as a city planner. Increase the population by build some family house or cozy condo. At first, we can build one family house and one cozy condo free as a tutorial part, then it cost 300 money to build them again. To collect resources that we need to grow the city is by build a supply shop, in there we can produce metal, food, crystal (level 4 reached requires), grain (level 5 requires) and more resources. We have 2 slots to produce things, and if we want to add more slots we have to pay 3 diamonds.

All the resources we produce from supply shop will be kept in city storage until we need them. When we need them? if our citizens and cafe request the resources, as payback we could get more money. After got a blueprint we can expand the city by choosing one of three advisors; Industrial sector, technology sector, and cultural sectors. Produce plenty of resources so you will have the supplies needed to continue growing your city. If you want to buy a diamond, the price is $100 for 3,500 diamonds. It is pretty cheap for me, so the solution is use our Little Big City 2 Hack tool.


as there are many request to make a modded version, we have updated the post with the modded one. You need to click like or +1 to unlock the link, in order to prevent automated bot. So besides you can add it online by using our generator tool, you can also get more diamond and money by download our modded Little Big City 2 game. Cheers!

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