Latest update from MARVEL Future Fight on January 2017

On the beginning of January 2017, NetMarble Games announces the latest update for MARVEL Future Fight.

Marvel Future Fight present new feature named Upgrade Uniform that will allow the gamers to upgrade uniform level using game EXP.

When upgrading the uniform, uniform stats and skill also will be increasing.

Netmarble Games also introduce stage and event with Lunar New Year event start from 17 to 30 January 2017.

With a snowy town as the background, gamers could collect special token after finishing the stage to buy exclusive items.

In order to simplify the user interface, materials for strengthening ISO-8 now able to choose automatically, and Hero Gear also could be changed with other choices with more easy way.


Here is the gameplay update of MARVEL Future Fight.

Three New Characters

Kate Bishop is the successor of Hawkeye. He is good at archery, nice agility, also bare hand fighting master.

Medusa, Inhuman Queen, and wife of Black Bolt. She controls her strong hair to attack enemies who endanger her people.

Ironheart, Riri Williams the 15 years old genius, beat his enemy using the greatest Iron Man Armor Technology.

Five New Uniform

Yellowjacket, Captain America, Red Hulk and Squirrel Girl will get Marvel NOW uniform.

Hulk (Amadeus Cho) will get “Monsters Unleashed” uniform that also on cover variation MARVEL Future Fight of Marvel ‘Monster Unleased’

Uniform Upgrade System

New system will be added, characters could finish the stage to gain EXP and upgrade their uniform to get more stat.

Lunar Event Stage

For celebrating the Lunar event, gamers could play on the new stage, ‘snowy town’ start from 17 to 30 January 2017.

Finish the stage to collect special token to buy exclusive items.

User Interface Update

Material autoselect will be the new feature to get ISO-8 gamers faster.

Another function allows the gamer to change ‘option’ in the Hero Gear.

Visit MARVEL Future Fight website for more information about MARVEL Future Fight.


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