Avakin Life Hack Gems and Coins Instantly

Lockwood Publishing Ltd as the developer of Avakin Life game just added minor updates on their latest version. Avakin Life is like a virtual world, an amazing 3D Role Playing experience where you can chat, meet friends and dress up. Decorate and give a awesome design to your apartment and visit astonishing paradise locations! This is just a greatest Simulation and role playing game after the sims.

There are several Avakin Life Hacks to get the coins and gems fastly instead of waiting and collecting a few games each day, it’s really boring right? so we are here to give you the simple hacks to get instant gems and coins. Gems and coins are really important to buy clothing and decorate, even if you want new hairstyle you have to purchase it 200 to 1000 coins. Simply, gem and coin are the currency of Avakin Life game.

Avakin Life Hack: Generate Unlimited Gems and Coins Instantly Within a minute

Avakin Life Hack Proof
Actually you can get 9000 coins and 100 gems just for $3 and the highest price is 100k coins and 2000 gems for $75. But I understood that many of us don’t want to fall for the game and spend more and more. So with our Avakin Life Gems and Coins generator you can generate up to 99 million coins and gems within a minute. Seems interesting right? now follow the instruction below!

Last update:

January 18, 2018

Game Hack Specialist


  1. Unlock the link to generator above by click on like button or +1 button
  2. Write down your username there
  3. Select the amount of Gems and coins
  4. Generate
  5. Follow instructions there
  6. Done!

It’s important to know that the gems will be added to your account within 1-2 mins after the hacking process completed (will be noticed there). After the hack process completed, you need to restart your phone where you play the avakin life game, after that you can check your account and voillaaa! you got your gems.

What is the advantages of our avakin life cheat tool? we made it as an online tool which means you don’t need to download the hack tool. We understood not all of you have access to a computer, because of that reason we made it online so you can use the generator through your smartphone.

Avakin Life Review

Avakin life is an exciting virtual world that can be played on any android phone that hasĀ 4.0.3 and up android version. In here you can make a second life where you can be the person you always wanted to be. Create an awesome avatar and join million of other people who already played this fun role playing game! Dress up avatar, design and decorate our apartment. Buy new clothes to wear, discover new and amazing brands to create your own perfect outfit. We also can go on dates and parties in paradise locations. Invite and message new friends to your apartment. Explore this evergrowing virtual reality 3D world of AVAKIN LIFE game now!


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